- design in supplier driven innovation

The Danish Industry Foundation supports research aiming to create innovative networks for Danish suppliers.

Experiences of suppliers constitute a significant source to new knowledge and innovation for both Danish and international customers. To benefit from these experiences suppliers must be involved in the process of developing new products at an early stage. Becoming involved in an early stage will call for suppliers’ competencies related to actively contributing to driving the innovation process at the customers.

Design2network combines the knowledge and experiences of the University of Southern Denmark regarding relationship management in innovative networks with the knowledge accumulated by the Kolding School of Design regarding design driven innovation methods. The aim of the project is to apply, combine and to further develop the two knowledge areas in order to strengthen the international competiveness of Danish suppliers in a society where innovation has become a central competitive resource.

Design2Network develops tools for co-design and cooperative management that ensure the Danish suppliers’ early involvement in the exploration and implementation of solutions for customers. In this context the use of design must be seen as a mean to strengthen the competitive profile of the companies in relation to the customers.

For more information please contact the project management: Associate Professor Kristin Balslev Munksgaard or Professor Poul Rind Christensen.


Links: Design2NetworkIndustriens Fond




Creative Management

Associate Professor at Kolding School of Design and member of CDCM Sabine Junginger is an invited Key Note Speaker in a panel discussion on Creative Management versus Managing Creatively taking place on the 22nd of February at the Munich Creative Business Week. For more details visit Munich Creative Business Week.

Mapping Design Culture

Design Studies, Dept. of Design and Communication, invites to the workshop “Mapping Design Culture in Kolding and Beyond” on January 24th, 14-17 h.

Facilitating the opportunity for participants to consider how design functions in Kolding and in the wider contexts of Denmark and Europe, the workshop will focus not only on practice or industrial, commercial or civic functions of design, but also on it’s significance in the wider context of public life. Thus, design culture is understood to extend beyond production to the social world of everyday life, political understandings and communitarian aspirations. The initiatives of DesignKolding, Design City and the density of design institutions, schools and firms in the region make Kolding the perfect case of the design cultural relations between business cases and design activism, city branding and design policy. By placing the design culture of Kolding in a broader context, the workshop will seek to identify the challenges and opportunities for it’s investigation in terms of both academic study and policy development.

The workshop discussion will adress questions as: What understandings are there of design, locally, regionally and nationally? How does design sit among other creative industries? What are the networks that design function in? How are design cultures communicated to a wider public? What underused resources can be developed? How can the civic role of design be strengthened?

The event will be organised as a semi-informal get-together. There will be opportunity to make new connections and hear different perspectives. It will be introduced by Guy Julier, visiting professor to SDU and Professor of Design Culture at the University of Brighton, UK. His presentation will, through a number of examples, analyze how design culture functions at micro- and macro-scales, opening up onto how it can subsequently shift into policy and activist agenda.

The discussion will be structured and recorded. From this first event, it is expected that a subsequent set of research events and meetings, under the title of ‘Decoding Design Culture’, will be determined.


The event will take place at Syddansk Universitet Kolding/ University of Southern Denmark, Engstien 1, 6000 Kolding,  lok. 1.20

Guy Julier is a design critic and theorist attached to the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. He is currently working on social design and policy development in the context of public services and has previously undertaken consultancy in design-led regeneration in the UK. In the past year he has led workshops and given lectures in Colombia, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Germany and Norway. Guy Julier is guest professor 2013-15 at Design Studies, Dept. of Design and Communication, SDU Kolding. He is author of the seminal book “The Culture of Design” (2000/08) and has worked on Design Activism since 2005.

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For more information contact

Prof. Anders V. Munch,

Rikke Beltoft Autzen, / 65501335


Appointed Professor

Vise chair of CDCM, Anders V. Munch, has recently been appointed Professor of Design Studies and Design Culture at the Institute for Design and Communication at the University of Southern Denmark. Anders V. Munch has a long history of research within the field of design culture, -theory and -history with an aesthetic and historical focus on design and branding as ‘total work of art’. Recently Munch defended his postdoctoral thesis “From Bayreuth to Bauhaus” on the concept of the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’. The thesis offers a historical study of the dream of unity between branches of art and its impact on the position of the contemporary forms of art, including architecture and design.

A global mindset

A global mindset is ”one that combines an openness to and awareness of diversity across cultures and markets with a propensity and ability to synthesize across this diversity”. This definition is the take off to a deeper investigation of global mindset carried out by Post.doc Marianne Storgaard from CDCM and Post.doc Irene Smith from CBS in collaboration with CBS and DI, Confederation of Danish Industry. Find the full report here.

The Powers of Design

Inspire yourself: Gain Insights Into the Powers of Design

Professor in Design Management Brigitte Borja de Mozota will visit Kolding from November 28th - 30th as a guest to Design2innovate and Centre for Design, Culture & Management at respectively Kolding School of Design and University of Southern Denmark, Kolding. Mozota will among others present the concept and journal article of the ‘Four Powers of Design’ of which she is originator. Find the article here.

Brigitte Borja de Mozota has a long record in Design Management and is an internationally esteemed researcher with strong links to the international business community. Currently she is Director of Research at Paris College of  Art, Assistant Professor in Management Science at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre Défense, and member of CRICC l research laboratory at Université Paris I Sorbonne. In addition she is Life fellow of the Design Management Institute (Boston).

For more information on Professor Borja de Mozota, visit her website and her facebook page Designence.

During her stay in Kolding, Professor Brigitte Borja de Mozota will address the business community, the design community as well as students and researchers in the field of Design Management.


Program for November 29th:

Key Note: Design STRATEGY for Corporate STRATEGY

In this keynote lecture, Professor Mozota will discuss the concept of business strategy; relationship with leadership and the enriching role of design.

Participants are engaged in an exercise making a Pitch for Design Management.

Key Audience: Master students at Design Management (other students with interest in Design Management are welcome).

Time: 10.15 – 12.00

Place:  University of Southern Denmark, Room 3.07


Seminar: Design RESEARCH for Corporate STRATEGY & innovation

In the seminar Professor Mozota will facilitate discussions on Innovation Management. New challenges as Open Innovation, new business models and entrepreneurship will be addressed. Participants will be engaged in an exercise on the value of design projects.

Key Audience: Thesis and 3rd semester project students at the Master of Design Management, Ph.d. students and researchers in Design Management.

Time: 13.00 – 15.30

Place: University of Southern Denmark, Room S.43


No registration required.


Brigitte Borja de Mozota will guest Kolding School of Design and Design2innovate on November 28th and 30th. For more information about this program, please visit




The four Powers of Design – a value model of DM, Mozota 2006

Design and competitive edge – a model for design management excellence in European SMEs, Mozota 2002

The three visions of design in cognitive design studies, Collection 2, Visser 2008

The impact on user oriented design on NPD, Mozota & Veryzer 2004

Managing design as a core competency – Lessons from Korea, Mozota & Kim 2009



Design Management, Brigitte Borja de Mozota 2003





Meanings of Chairs

Seminar in Design Culture at SDU with speakers from Design Studies and  Art History.

The chair is both one of the most central everyday objects, we use without notice, and one of the most conspicious objects of consumption. Designers consider chair design as a special genre, where you can show your abilities and ideals in joining function and aesthetics. Strictly speaking, there is hardly any need for new chairs, but there is a particular attention around chairs as a photo- or even mediagenic design genre. There should not be more to say in chair design, but this design genre has nearly become a media on its own migrating into the field of arts. On the whole, there is an incredible, cultural range from the cheapest plastic garden chair to St. Peter’s throne as papal symbol.

Monday, November 5th, hours: 10-15, Room 3.07

University of Southern Denmark, Engstien 1, 6000 Kolding

Free admission


10.00: Introduktion/ Introduction, Anders V. Munch

10.15: Sabina Michaelis, Stolen som lup på designhistorien (The Chair as magnifying glass on Design History)

11.00: Lise Skytte Jakobsen, Skulpturstole og stoleskulpturer (Sculpture Chairs and Chair Sculptures)

12.00: Frokost/ Lunch

12.30: Trine Bruun Petersen, Stolens magt (The power of the Chair)

13.15: Kaffe/ Coffee

14.00: Jette Lykke Jensen, Plastikhavestolens forvandlinger (The transformation of the plastic garden chair)

14.15: Mads Nygaard Folkmann, Stolen i det offentlige rum (The Chair in public space)

15.00: Afrunding/ Round-off


Please note: The seminar is in Danish


Design Camp: Nudging

From October 29th to November 9th 2012 Design2innovate holds an International Design Camp gathering students, researchers, organisations, and companies under the headline ‘Nudge – Design of positive behavioural change’.

What is ‘nudging’?

A nudge is an attempt to influence people to make the right choice – both for themselves and for our common good. For example eating from a smaller plate makes you eat less food; a little nudge in the right direction.

Mette Strømgaard Dalby, Head of Development at Kolding School of Design:

“When nudging is applied by designers as an alternative to traditional information campagnes, it is an attempt to change behaviour without adding new rules or limiting choice options  for the users. In stead the designer uses his knowledge from related areas such as anthropology, psychology , and sociology in order to design for the human decision making processes.”

The theme for DesignCamp2012 is ‘Nudge – design of positive behavioural change’ within the areas of public health, town planning, social conditions, sustainability, playing and learning.

You can join!

The DesignCamp offers an intense design process for students as well as open conference days presenting lectures, cases and workshops for companies and others with an interest in design.

Companies will have a unique opportunity to collect inspiration and new knowledge on the three open conference days focusing on what is the essence of design, nudging and not least design of nudging. The conference days offer lectures from researchers and designers, workshops and presentations of the final design concepts which about 50 students will develop during the DesignCamp.

Open conference days:

  • Input – Nudging and Design
    Tuesday, October  30th 2012
  • Action – Nudging in practice
    Wednesday, October 31st 2012
  • Output – DesignCamp 2012 projects
    Friday, November 9th 2012


All activities will be conducted in English.


The Design Camp 2012 is arranged in co-operation between Design2innovate, Kolding School of Design and Danish Nudging Network.


Tour de Chambre: DSKD

Dear participants of Centre for Design, Culture & Management,

This is a reminder of ‘Tour de Chambre’ at Kolding Shool of Design on the 19th of September – 10-12:

We will meet in the cantina for a cup of coffee and a short introduction to the school. You will be introduced to the Wall Paper mapping and linking research activities at Kolding School of Design. There after you will have the opportunity to visit and talk to researchers matching your interests at the design school. Finally we will meet for a general discussion on topics of joint interest.

After the tour you are kindly invited to have lunch – on your own expense  – in the cantine.

We hope to see many of you at this great networking opportunity.