SDU Design

SDU Design is an initiative at SDU Kolding to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration in design research, also involving local partners. SDU Design funds and supports a growing number of research projects, four labs, and a series of Open Space seminars where researchers exchange insight and ‘research DNA’ in a format that is accessible for people from outside the specialized research field. SDU Design is part of the Department for Design and Communication on SDU’s campus Kolding. Kolding School of Design is partner in several projects.

Contact: Jacob Buur,


D2i – Design to innovate

D2i – Design to innovate is a four-year project promoting design driven competitiveness and innovation. It is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The objective of D2i is to help small and medium-sized companies in the Region of Southern Denmark to develop and increase their businesses using design as a tool. D2i originates from a partnership between Kolding School of Design and the University of Southern Denmark. The project management and the secretariat are based at Kolding School of Design.

Kolding School of Design is in charge of network events, consulting, and competency development directed at companies and designers in the form of:

  • Design consultations
  • Design introductions
  • DesignUpdates
  • Cradle to Cradle

In addition, D2i offers continuing education for designers and an international DesignCamp. Companies can participate in D2i activities for free. The time they invest in the activities is considered ”pay”. In order to receive EU funds, companies are required to become partners in the project.

D2i at the University of Southern Denmark
Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management at the University of Southern Denmark develops knowledge and as such represents D2i’s analytical unit. Among other things, the analytical unit performs follow-up studies on D2i activities and conducts company analyses and produces company cases that illustrate how companies utilise design.

For more information, visit the website of D2i – Design to innovate.