Guest lecture by Birgit H. Jevnaker

Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School, Birgit H. Jevnaker will visit SDU Kolding on April 4 and 5. During her stay in Kolding, Professor Jevnaker will give a lecture to Design Management students and participate in a …

Mapping Design Culture

Design Studies, Dept. of Design and Communication, invites to the workshop “Mapping Design Culture in Kolding and Beyond” on January 24th, 14-17 h.

Facilitating the opportunity for participants to consider how design functions in Kolding and in the …

Design Camp: Nudging

From October 29th to November 9th 2012 Design2innovate holds an International Design Camp gathering students, researchers, organisations, and companies under the headline: 'Nudge - Design of positive behavioural change'.

Tour de Chambre: DSKD

Dear participants of Centre for Design, Culture & Management, This is a reminder of ‘Tour de Chambre’ at Kolding Shool of Design on the 19th of September – 10-12.

Workshop // Dec 6th

Design Driven Innovation – Organizing for Growth

Venue: Kolding School of Design

The seminar & workshop was organized by:

Centre for Design, Culture and Management
In collaboration with
Danish Centre for Design Research (Sponsor)

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