Theories and Practices of Aesthetics in Design

Paradoxically, the aesthetics of design are only little described and theorized; it is a paradox, as the concept of aesthetics is integrated in the common discourse on design and often set in relation to design, both in practice …

Guest lecture by Judy Matthews

Centre for Design, Culture and Management has invited Senior Lecturer, Dr Judy Matthews, QUT Business School, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia to Kolding in week 41.

The Powers of Design

Inspire yourself: Gain Insights Into the Powers of Design

Professor in Design Management Brigitte Borja de Mozota will visit Kolding from November 28th - 30th as a guest to Design2innovate and Centre for Design, Culture & …

Meanings of Chairs

Seminar in Design Culture at SDU with speakers from Design Studies and  Art History.

The chair is both one of the most central everyday objects, we use without notice, and one of the most conspicious objects of consumption. …

Design Camp: Nudging

From October 29th to November 9th 2012 Design2innovate holds an International Design Camp gathering students, researchers, organisations, and companies under the headline: 'Nudge - Design of positive behavioural change'.

Call for Ph.D. course

Call for participation

The Role of Hypotheses in Experimental Design Research 8-11 October 2012


Research through design is increasingly used as a research-methodical starting point for design research – inside as well as outside the design discipline. …

Nordic Conference on Small Business

Call for the byannual Nordic Conference on Small Business Research in May 2012 is out. The theme for the conference is: Entrepreneurship – Creative Design or Destruction.

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