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Design Camp: Nudging

From October 29th to November 9th 2012 Design2innovate holds an International Design Camp gathering students, researchers, organisations, and companies under the headline ‘Nudge – Design of positive behavioural change’.

What is ‘nudging’?

A nudge is an attempt to influence people to make the right choice – both for themselves and for our common good. For example eating from a smaller plate makes you eat less food; a little nudge in the right direction.

Mette Strømgaard Dalby, Head of Development at Kolding School of Design:

“When nudging is applied by designers as an alternative to traditional information campagnes, it is an attempt to change behaviour without adding new rules or limiting choice options  for the users. In stead the designer uses his knowledge from related areas such as anthropology, psychology , and sociology in order to design for the human decision making processes.”

The theme for DesignCamp2012 is ‘Nudge – design of positive behavioural change’ within the areas of public health, town planning, social conditions, sustainability, playing and learning.

You can join!

The DesignCamp offers an intense design process for students as well as open conference days presenting lectures, cases and workshops for companies and others with an interest in design.

Companies will have a unique opportunity to collect inspiration and new knowledge on the three open conference days focusing on what is the essence of design, nudging and not least design of nudging. The conference days offer lectures from researchers and designers, workshops and presentations of the final design concepts which about 50 students will develop during the DesignCamp.

Open conference days:

  • Input – Nudging and Design
    Tuesday, October  30th 2012
  • Action – Nudging in practice
    Wednesday, October 31st 2012
  • Output – DesignCamp 2012 projects
    Friday, November 9th 2012


All activities will be conducted in English.


The Design Camp 2012 is arranged in co-operation between Design2innovate, Kolding School of Design and Danish Nudging Network.