Meanings of Chairs

Seminar in Design Culture at SDU with speakers from Design Studies and  Art History.

The chair is both one of the most central everyday objects, we use without notice, and one of the most conspicious objects of consumption. Designers consider chair design as a special genre, where you can show your abilities and ideals in joining function and aesthetics. Strictly speaking, there is hardly any need for new chairs, but there is a particular attention around chairs as a photo- or even mediagenic design genre. There should not be more to say in chair design, but this design genre has nearly become a media on its own migrating into the field of arts. On the whole, there is an incredible, cultural range from the cheapest plastic garden chair to St. Peter’s throne as papal symbol.

Monday, November 5th, hours: 10-15, Room 3.07

University of Southern Denmark, Engstien 1, 6000 Kolding

Free admission


10.00: Introduktion/ Introduction, Anders V. Munch

10.15: Sabina Michaelis, Stolen som lup på designhistorien (The Chair as magnifying glass on Design History)

11.00: Lise Skytte Jakobsen, Skulpturstole og stoleskulpturer (Sculpture Chairs and Chair Sculptures)

12.00: Frokost/ Lunch

12.30: Trine Bruun Petersen, Stolens magt (The power of the Chair)

13.15: Kaffe/ Coffee

14.00: Jette Lykke Jensen, Plastikhavestolens forvandlinger (The transformation of the plastic garden chair)

14.15: Mads Nygaard Folkmann, Stolen i det offentlige rum (The Chair in public space)

15.00: Afrunding/ Round-off


Please note: The seminar is in Danish