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Mapping Design Culture

Design Studies, Dept. of Design and Communication, invites to the workshop “Mapping Design Culture in Kolding and Beyond” on January 24th, 14-17 h.

Facilitating the opportunity for participants to consider how design functions in Kolding and in the wider contexts of Denmark and Europe, the workshop will focus not only on practice or industrial, commercial or civic functions of design, but also on it’s significance in the wider context of public life. Thus, design culture is understood to extend beyond production to the social world of everyday life, political understandings and communitarian aspirations. The initiatives of DesignKolding, Design City and the density of design institutions, schools and firms in the region make Kolding the perfect case of the design cultural relations between business cases and design activism, city branding and design policy. By placing the design culture of Kolding in a broader context, the workshop will seek to identify the challenges and opportunities for it’s investigation in terms of both academic study and policy development.

The workshop discussion will adress questions as: What understandings are there of design, locally, regionally and nationally? How does design sit among other creative industries? What are the networks that design function in? How are design cultures communicated to a wider public? What underused resources can be developed? How can the civic role of design be strengthened?

The event will be organised as a semi-informal get-together. There will be opportunity to make new connections and hear different perspectives. It will be introduced by Guy Julier, visiting professor to SDU and Professor of Design Culture at the University of Brighton, UK. His presentation will, through a number of examples, analyze how design culture functions at micro- and macro-scales, opening up onto how it can subsequently shift into policy and activist agenda.

The discussion will be structured and recorded. From this first event, it is expected that a subsequent set of research events and meetings, under the title of ‘Decoding Design Culture’, will be determined.


The event will take place at Syddansk Universitet Kolding/ University of Southern Denmark, Engstien 1, 6000 Kolding,  lok. 1.20

Guy Julier is a design critic and theorist attached to the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. He is currently working on social design and policy development in the context of public services and has previously undertaken consultancy in design-led regeneration in the UK. In the past year he has led workshops and given lectures in Colombia, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Germany and Norway. Guy Julier is guest professor 2013-15 at Design Studies, Dept. of Design and Communication, SDU Kolding. He is author of the seminal book “The Culture of Design” (2000/08) and has worked on Design Activism since 2005.

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