- design in supplier driven innovation

The Danish Industry Foundation supports research aiming to create innovative networks for Danish suppliers.

Experiences of suppliers constitute a significant source to new knowledge and innovation for both Danish and international customers. To benefit from these experiences suppliers must be involved in the process of developing new products at an early stage. Becoming involved in an early stage will call for suppliers’ competencies related to actively contributing to driving the innovation process at the customers.

Design2network combines the knowledge and experiences of the University of Southern Denmark regarding relationship management in innovative networks with the knowledge accumulated by the Kolding School of Design regarding design driven innovation methods. The aim of the project is to apply, combine and to further develop the two knowledge areas in order to strengthen the international competiveness of Danish suppliers in a society where innovation has become a central competitive resource.

Design2Network develops tools for co-design and cooperative management that ensure the Danish suppliers’ early involvement in the exploration and implementation of solutions for customers. In this context the use of design must be seen as a mean to strengthen the competitive profile of the companies in relation to the customers.

For more information please contact the project management: Associate Professor Kristin Balslev Munksgaard or Professor Poul Rind Christensen.


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