Guest lecture by Birgit H. Jevnaker

Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School, Birgit H. Jevnaker will visit SDU Kolding on April 4 and 5. During her stay in Kolding, Professor Jevnaker will give a lecture to Design Management students and participate in a workshop for PhD students.

Birgit Helene Jevnaker is PhD and Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School‘s Innovation department, Oslo, where she currently heads the faculty group for entrepreneurship. Jevnaker has conducted research on design/innovation, service design, enterprise development, and creative collaboration between designers and business. She has also explored realworld practices of industrial product design and innovation, innovative furniture design, as well as leadership, knowledge and learning in a variety of organizations and settings.

Jevnaker’s many articles are published internationally, and she initiated and co-edited the design/management research anthology Management of Design Alliances.

Her articles theorizing design capabilities are also published in Design Management Journal, Design Issues, and in several research anthologies. Her new book with designer professor
Per Farstad is “Design i praksis: designledelse og innovasjon” (in Norwegian). Jevnaker has built up new courses on innovation and design, and she organizes leadership executive programs. She collaborates with several design schools and has taught regularly for more than ten years at the Institute of Design, Oslo. Jevnaker is appointed member of international committee of European Academy of Design and the research-advisory board of Design Management Institute, Boston.