Byens Strudse

The Kolding Design Culture Seminars

Perspectives on Design Citizenship

May 23, 11-17 Meeting room, Stadsarkivet, Nicolai, Skolegade 2b, 6000 Kolding
Design Studies, Dept. of Design & Communication, University of Southern Denmark Kolding

The idea of using design and architecture to inculcate certain civic values of pride and belonging is not new. From the Italian renaissance through to the neoliberal age, buildings, urban spaces, graphic communication, products and the design of spectacular events have been used both as ways of selling places and internal brand building. But how are these things experienced by citizens? Are new dispositions and attitudes produced or is this, for the many, just more designerly noise? Do such ventures allow space for communitarian invention or dissent that productively add to civic aims?

This Kolding Design Culture Seminar is open to interested academics, students, designers, civic actors and the wider public. It features talks by Professors Anders V. Munch and Guy Julier of SDU and the anthropologist Dr Eeva Berglund, who has been researching Helsinki’s design culture in the context of its World Design Capital year. Design projects in Kolding will also be presented: Malene Leerberg on the City Life Strategy, Vibeke Riisberg on Local Wisdom and Thomas Markussen on the Creative City.

The emphasis of the event is on exploring the interchange of international perspectives on the social processes of design and current and potential design interventions within the urban context. As such, it provides a timely opportunity for critical and open discussion on the role of design in the city.

Program and practical details will follow.

Contact: Pernille Dahl Kragh, 65501575,
or prof. Anders V. Munch,

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The Kolding Design Culture Seminars 2013-14 are arranged in collaboration with Guy Julier, University of Brighton/ V&A Museum, as visiting professor at Design Studies, SDU Kolding. There will be six seminars on various topics in Design Culture as Design Leadership & Aesthetics, Dynamics of Fashion, Design Museums in the 21th Century and Aesthetics of Sustainability.