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Designers’ Cooperation (Designandelen) is a four-year development project aiming to create business growth in the Region of South Denmark by means of design.

The project is based on a Triple Helix innovation model joining the forces of public business promoters, knowledge institutions and regional businesses in reaching this goal for mutual benefit.

The activities of the project, aspiring to create design driven growth, are targeted in two directions:

  1. Encouraging demand for and application of design in traditional businesses through communicating design knowledge and facilitating design utilization in private and public companies. This effort is undertaken in collaboration with the project partner Danish Design Centre and the Designers’ Cooperation Match Maker, which is responsible for creating connections to and between companies.
  2. Strengthening supply range and quality of design services and products through development of a platform for the “Designers’ Cooperation network”. Inspired by the cooperative movement (values of freedom, community, and individuality) the network seeks to unite the independency of small design companies with the resources requisite to develop and consolidate the businesses to manage market competition.

SDU conducts research in relation to the Designers’ Cooperation project with the purpose of investigating how the project has contributed to develop Design Intrapreneurship and Design Entrepreneurship in the affiliated companies.