Vibeke Riisberg

Job: Associate Professor, DSKD

Bio: Vibeke Riisberg has a bagground as textile designer. She has a PhD from Aarhus School of Architecture within design and production of printed textiles – from analogue to digital processes. Vibeke Riisberg conducts research in new solutions for adjusting daylight in public places. The project searches to unite function and decoration aiming to further the use of daylight and thus saving energy and creating a more comfortable lighting adjustable to the need of the individual user. The project involves new fibres and new technology contributing to light adjustment or aesthetic experience. Vibeke Riisberg’s overall research interests are: Ornamentation, colour and tactility in combination with function, and sustainable design. She is engrossed with history of technology, usage of digital medias, and the aesthetic scope of the textile designer. Vibeke Riisberg’s research aims to linguistically placing the profession of textile design in a historical and contemporary context and to integrate practice in scholarly work.