Louise Buch Løgstrup

Job: Assistant Prof., SDU

Bio: Louise Buch Løgstrup is educated anthropologist from Danish University of Education and has worked as a design anthropologist at DesignIt. Louise Buch Løgstrup researches in the field of tension between anthropology and design focusing on domestic energy consumption. The topic for her Industrial PhD project is sustainable energy consumption and production in private households and innovation based on user insights. The core of the research is wind energy and intelligent energy systems, among these virtual power plants, home automation, and smart grids. Louise Buch Løgstrup works with the questions of how to gain insight of the knowledge, practice, and potential of the user in relation to creating sustainable energy solutions in which the user is not only a consumer but also a co-creator. Also she works with the question of how the innovation process takes place from the user to the company.