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Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen

Job: Principal, DSKD


Bio: Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen holds a Master’s degree in Social Science from the University of Southern Denmark. She has worked as Head of a Cultural House, as teacher at University of Southern Denmark, and as a researcher at the Development Centre for Public information and Adult Education. From 1994-2007 she was a member of the Danish Parliament, and for a period of four years, she was Danish Minister of Culture. Alongside her work as Principal of Kolding School of Design, she serves as board member of The Center for Culture and Experience, TRIN (Innovation Forum of the Triangular Area, Denmark) and the Danish Fashion Institute, among others. Furthermore, she serves as a member of The Vision Committee, Design2020, formed by the Danish government. Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen has written books and articles on culture, public awareness, and design.